Raleigh Bikes Review

Are Raleigh bikes any good? In this review we’ll look at some of the key facts about one of the oldest bicycle brands that are still in business today.

Who are Raleigh?

The Raleigh Bicycle Company are one of the oldest bike companies in the world having been officially founded in 1888 in England.

Today they are primarily based in the USA and are often referred to as Raleigh USA.

They are famous for the iconic chopper bike, and today produce a number of top-quality bike series from road bikes to mountain bikes.

Where are they manufactured?

Having been founded in England the bikes were originally “built in Britain”.

Over the years the bikes have been manufactured in many places, however since 2016 they’ve been manufactured in the UK once more.

How good are their bikes?

A common question is – are Raleigh bikes good?

The Accell Group who now owns Raleigh and several other bike brands such as Diamondback have done good things for the brand…

Since taking over they have focused heavily on the online sales model, and moved manufacturing of the historic Raleigh brand back to England.

They come partially assembled or you can pay for assembly.

It would be hard to argue that the quality of the bikes hasn’t improved because of this.

That said are some of their bikes better than others?

Are Raleigh Mountain Bikes Good?

Raleigh mountain bikes are renowned as being very good for downhill and trail riding. They use the right components in the right way and while they’re not the most expensive brand, they don’t cheap out on parts.

Are Raleigh Road Bikes Good?

Raleigh’s road bikes are some of the best in the industry and have been where the brand has seen the most success over the years as a professional bike.

Raleigh Bikes Price

When it comes to price what do you need to know?

Raleigh bikes are priced competitively as the company focus has always been on making quality bikes affordable.

The bikes range from a few hundred dollars used to just over a thousand dollars when purchasing a brand new model.

Who Should Use Raleigh Bikes?

Making this review complete wouldn’t be possible without giving an overview of who these bikes are suitable for.

You should get yourself a Raleigh if you plan on using your bike regularly.

These bikes are just to good to let them sit in your garage and never use them.

That said they are great for beginners, intermediates and even advanced cyclists. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have as a rider, if you want quality and you know what you’re looking for there will be a model for you and at an affordable price.