Raleigh Tokul 1 Review

Brand: Raleigh, Series: Tokul

Raleigh is a big name in the biking community and is a brand that has been established and trusted for a long time. From urban to mountain, they cover it all and the range of bicycles they have on offer is extensive.

In this review, we will be covering the Raleigh Tokul I, an all-terrain, hardtail bike designed for, in their own words “​all-out commitment and sketchy conditions”.

Who Is This Bike Designed For?

Looking to get active on the local trails, or maybe looking for a bike that can handle more tricky conditions? Then the Raleigh Tokul 1 could be the mountain bike for you.

Built to be functional on all trail types, the comprehensive and sturdy design makes this bike great for general riding and more challenging conditions, whilst maintaining comfort and safety. The Tokul 1 is deliberately versatile allowing flexibility for more diverse riders. This bike has features with rough and rocky conditions in mind. Safe and robust, yet remaining agile and nippy with brakes suited to sharp corners.

What You Should Know

Framework The Raleigh Tokul 1 hardtail’s frame is designed to maintain the overall versatility of the bike. It is rugged and robust, but still fun and easy to ride. It’s made from a ​custom formed and butted, heat-treated aluminum and it’s aggressive trail geometry is slightly slacker than previous models.

The geometry of bicycles refers to the dimensions and angles of the bike’s framework.

In this particular model you can observe a fairly traditional trail bike geometry with a little more slackness which combined with the shorter wheelbase and steeper frame, makes it great for handling steep downhill riding.

The angles have been balanced just so, in order to engage a solid all-round riding experience, perfect for mountain biking.

Though a little heavier, this weight combines well with the fork – ​SR Suntour XCR – to take the bumps in the road without damaging the bike and staying comfortable for the rider.

Hydraulic Brakes

As with all bicycles, reliable brakes are a must, but this is perhaps even more so the case with mountain bikes. When working with rougher more unsteady ground you want a strong and dependable braking system. Thankfully this is something Raleigh never cheap out on, using high-quality Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes and levers.

High standard hydraulic disc brakes at the Tokul 1’s price point are a steal and ensure consistent and dependable stopping power at a second’s notice, regardless of obstacles underfoot, or wet, slippery weather conditions. In fact, the brakes on this particular model are specifically designed for flying around sharp corners safely on rough, craggy mountain trails.


The wheelset on the Raleigh Tokul 1 is perhaps one of the more standout features of the bike. The 27.5mm beefy tires sit on extra-wide rims providing excellent grip and confident handling even on areas of looser, more unsteady ground.

These factors couple well with the fork to maximize shock – absorption, maintaining a comfortable experience on bumps and jumps. The wider tires and quality treads provide maximum ground contact and stable traction even in more difficult weather conditions such as muddy, slippery trails.

Size Options

As with a lot of Raleigh bikes, the Tokul 1 comes in various size options. In terms of hardtail bikes, having the correct size bike is more important than most. The riskier riding conditions associated with trail riding means a good fit is paramount in guaranteeing optimal handling on rugged terrain types.

Tokul 1 comes in the following size options:

  • Small (15 inch) for people 5’4” – 5’7” in height
  • Medium (17 inch) for people 5’7” – 5’10” in height
  • Large (19 inch) for people 5’10” – 6’1” in height
  • Extra Large (21 inch) for people 6’1” – 6’4” in height

This size range provides options for most, although people on the much shorter end of the scale may find the size and weight of this bike a little more difficult to maneuver. Generally given the height options and slightly heavier frame, this model seems geared a bit more towards men.

Assembly and Upkeep

The Raleigh Tokul 1 model is delivered partially assembled and an assembly guide is provided. Most shouldn’t find the remaining construction too tricky, but if you’re unsure or it is your first time we recommend getting the help of a friend or professional.

The components themselves are all from high quality and reputable brands meaning they’ll last you, not to mention many of the parts are covered by manufacturing guarantees.

Across the board the bike is low maintenance and durable and Raleigh’s customer service and website provides ongoing support for any problems you may encounter.

Pros and Cons


  • Reliable and low upkeep Shimano drivetrain
  • 27.5mm rims combine well with wide, chunky tires providing stable grip and shock-absorbance
  • Strong Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are great for sharp, fast corners
  • Custom formed and butted, heat treated aluminum ​frame built to remain strong and durable on rough, craggy terrain, performing well on steep climbs and downhill
  • High-quality componentry
  • The framework provides smooth and comfortable ride
  • Good overall quality, especially when compared to other bikes in its price range


  • At nearly 32lbs, it is on the heavier side for some riders
  • The pedals are of cheaper quality than the rest of the bike
  • The handlebars are somewhat more narrow than a lot of other bikes on the market

Final Verdict

The Raleigh Tokul 1 is a great hardtail bike for beginners to mid-level riders.

Its quality components and sturdy structure make it a solid choice for those wanting a secure and confident ride on rougher trails. The quality drivetrain makes for easy maintenance and the strong, well-adapted parts and robust construction result in a strong and resilient bike.

Overall, the bike is a commendable investment for those wanting easy riding on not so easy trails without compromising on durability.